Jimmy Wayne is a country singer who grew up in the foster care system and who later became homeless.  He is the founder of the Project Meet Me Halfway, an across the country walk he has engaged in to bring heightened awareness to the need for resources for youth aging out of foster care and for more foster and adoptive homes for children

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To quote Jimmy Wayne:

Elephant Ears is a song I began writing on a flight from Nashville en route to Los Angeles. I was thinking about my sister and how she must have felt when she was a young child growing up in foster care. I remembered her being a sad little girl and very afraid, especially of grown men. The line “afraid to say I love you” was written directly from my experience observing her grow up.

My sister has no problem today saying the words “I love you,” especially since she recently adopted a 4 year old girl. That little girl gets more love than she would have ever imagined. She even favors my sister’s baby pictures.

Elephant Ears is a song for both parents and kids. It allows us to see both sides and watch a family grow. It inspires the listener to want to understand and want to help.

If someone is considering being an adoptive or foster parent, they must listen to “Elephant Ears.” This song will give them an understanding as to what the child is going through. Also every foster child should listen to the song to honor the parents who sacrificed so much to take care of them.

Visit his website to read more about his incredible journey or find out more about his Foundation.