“Conflicting loyalties_ holiday tipsHoliday Tips for Foster, Adoptive and Kinship Families

Celebrating Holidays with Children You Foster – Conflicting loyalties and lost dreams often make the holidays a difficult time for children in foster care. Just as studies show that holidays are stressful times for most of us, these reactions are compounded for youth placed in your home. Here are some suggestions for managing the holidays… read more

Hold the “happy” — holidays are hard for foster kids – Christmas is for children and most kids eagerly and excitedly await Christmas and all the “specialness” of the holiday season.  After all, it is a time filled with presents, food, fun, magical beliefs, and family.  Sounds perfect.  But Christmas for children in foster care can bring fears and tears… which may result in acting-out behaviors, ungratefulness, anger, moodiness, and antics.  Christmas may be more confusing and painful for foster kids, even when their external world and foster family seems “perfect.”… read more

Self Care for Foster Families During the Holidays – Just as the holidays can cause emotional turmoil for children in care, the same is often true for foster parents. It’s helpful if you can recognize the emotional upheaval that the holidays can have on your lives… read more

Before You Celebrate the Holidays with Your Foster Children – Parenting foster children can be a challenge at any time of the year, but holidays seem to be extra stressful. There are a ton of parties to attend, gifts to buy, and the financial strain can really bring a person down. Get 8 quick ideas… read more

Foster Care – Training – Holiday Stress – The holiday season is a time full of joy, cheer, parties, and family gatherings. However, for many people it is a time of self-evaluation, loneliness, reflection on past failures, and anxiety about an uncertain future. Families want their holidays to be special… read more Puzzles holiday tips

Foster Care & the Holidays – The stockings are hung, by the chimney with care, in hopes that…In hopes of what? For many children who have been placed into the foster care system, they have come from homes where there was no Christmas, there was no hope… read more

11 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress: How to Make Time for Yourself During This Busy Season- For many of us, the holidays are as stressful as they are fun. Starting with Halloween in October and going all the way until New Year’s Day, these months are filled with special occasions, eating temptations and family obligations. When you add these things on top…. read more

Coping with Holiday Stress for Children and Youth in Care – During this training, you will learn about: Foster Children and Holiday stress, Helping foster kids during Holidays, Working with birth families, Signs of grief or sadness, Making family get-togethers easier… read more