It Takes Just One…


Just One.... Today, a young person is just one caring person away from being home.... Kids in every Connecticut community need families

It Takes Just One…2014-05-12T10:58:33-04:00

Shine a Light on Adoption


Join us in November as we celebrate National Adoption Month by shining blue lights from our homes and businesses throughout the month. 

Shine a Light on Adoption2010-10-30T20:53:17-04:00

Helping Connecticut's Foster Children


Thank you for your interest in helping Connecticut’s foster children. Thousands of children across the state are waiting for a mentor, for

Helping Connecticut's Foster Children2010-02-20T22:26:23-05:00

Become a Foster Parent


Would you be willing to open your heart and home to a child in need? Join the group of committed and satisfied

Become a Foster Parent2010-02-20T22:19:29-05:00

Become an Adoptive Parent


Are you ready to start or expand your family? We are seeking couples and individuals willing and able to provide permanent, loving

Become an Adoptive Parent2010-02-20T22:18:36-05:00

Provide Respite Care


Get licensed to provide respite care to other foster families. All agencies need families who can provide this kind of short-term care.

Provide Respite Care2010-02-20T22:17:32-05:00

Provide a Job


Many youth in the foster care system have a difficult time finding employment. You could help by giving a youth his or

Provide a Job2010-02-20T22:16:49-05:00

Become a Guardian Ad Litem


Guardian Ad Litems are volunteers who advocate in juvenile court for abused and neglected children, making sure each child’s best interests remain

Become a Guardian Ad Litem2010-02-20T22:15:50-05:00

Volunteer at a Children’s Home


For many children, a group home is the first stop on the foster care journey, or it might be a stop along

Volunteer at a Children’s Home2010-02-20T22:14:37-05:00
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