**CANCELED due to no enrollment** On April 8, 2013, from 6:00 -8:00 p.m., FAM will be hosting “Becoming A Foster/Adoptive Parent”
at Northwestern Regional High  School through the Foothills Adult and Continuing Education Department.
Registration is only available through Foothills Continuing Education.
To register call 1.800.300.4781 or visit their website: www.educationconnection.org
Course description:
Brief overview of the process for becoming a licensed foster/adoptive parent in CT.
This course will focus on foster care and adoption of children in the CT child welfare system.
Information regarding prerequisites for families, the children needing to be placed in foster/pre-adoptive homes will be discussed.
We will address the difference between regular foster care, therapeutic foster care and enhanced foster care.
We will explain the current trend in adoption to place children in legal-risk pre-adoptive placements.
The final half hour of the session will be devoted to questions from the attendees.For more information on becoming a foster/adoptive parent contact Deb Kelleher at 203.706.0101