Arlene’s Story


March is National Social Worker Month.  Just about every person reading this can probably name a social worker who has made some

Arlene’s Story2023-03-17T15:59:56-04:00

The Second Time Around


Church, faith and service are central to understanding Debbie and Sal. In fact, this couple met at a church in North

The Second Time Around2017-06-17T20:49:39-04:00

Choosing What Makes Us Happy


“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Social work attracts people

Choosing What Makes Us Happy2020-03-16T17:42:45-04:00

Barb’s Story


You may have seen her on her way to work or in a grocery store and noticed her friendly and welcoming smile.

Barb’s Story2020-03-16T18:03:57-04:00

Justin’s* Story


Justin is the inspiration for Bells of Hope: Ringing in a Brighter Tomorrow for CT’s Waiting Children, now in its third year. 

Justin’s* Story2020-03-16T17:52:06-04:00

Zach, Phyllis and Lenny


For Love of a Child  by Alan Murphy "Children are the world's most valuable resource and and its best hope for the

Zach, Phyllis and Lenny2020-03-16T18:06:58-04:00

The Heart of a Father


“It is not flesh and blood, but heart which makes us fathers and sons.”  Johann Friedrich Von Schiller Single fathers raising sons

The Heart of a Father2020-03-16T18:20:40-04:00

A Couple’s Ministry of Love


March 2001 remains forever fixed in the hearts and minds of Doris and John.  They mark that as the date that Doris

A Couple’s Ministry of Love2020-03-16T18:18:41-04:00



It takes some driving beyond the town shops to get there. After a few miles on quiet back roads, you pull up to

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